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Yep, what Louis C.k. did was pretty gross.  Pretty obnoxious. And it leaves you wondering, WHY? What on earth why did he do it? He had all the money and fame in the world, and could have gotten laid any time he wanted. (Don’t deny it — a lot of women will flock to fame and fortune. As an early episode of the best sci-fi comedy ever, Red Dwarf, put it, “”With that kind of money, anybody will spread their legs.”)

How could that type of degradation possibly gratify anyone? Especially a progressive type like Louis C.K., who seems to take delight in skewering that type of sickness, and in being ruthlessly honest about male-female relationships?.

(Trump’s golden showers at least seem to have the point of being grossly misogynistic, grossly degrading to women, allowing him to feel like the alpha male — a species which should be shot on sight,  or  preferably gelded.)

Well, the explanation is pretty damn straight forward: Louis had power. It changed him. And hence he abused it.

He’s admitted what he did. There was little if any coercion, and he misbehaved horribly. He’s admitted it. That’s much better than “pussy grabber” Trump. And it’s way  better than pedophile “Christian Conservative” Roy Moore. At least Louis is honest.

Once Louis apologizes to the women he offended — still waiting for that–it”ll be time to forgive and forget. but not until he apologizes; and I think he’s big enough to do this

In the meantime, nothing will change as long as some people have power over others.

Male, female, it doesn’t matter. As long as some have power over others, they’ll abuse them.