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Michael Chabon

“If you are in your late teens and early 20s don’t worry yet and keep having fun and travel and adventures and read, read, read. Others further along in their lives who had their adventures or stayed in one place for a long time and know everything about it, my advice would be get serious and keep a regular schedule and try to work every day at the same time and for the same period of time.”

interview with Belinda Goldsmith on

Allen Ginsberg

“Maximum information, minimum number of syllables.”

–Allen Ginsberg, “Best Writing Tips Ever from Allen Ginsberg

“Frequently, when I am at work on a science-fiction novel, I find myself heartily sick of it and unable to write another word. I don’t stare at blank sheets of paper. I don’t spend days and nights cudgeling a head that is empty of ideas. Instead, I simply leave the novel and go on to any of the dozen other projects that are on tap. I write an editorial, or an essay, or a short story, or work on one of my nonfiction books. By the time I’ve grown tired of these things, my mind has been able to do its proper work and fill up again. I return to my novel and find myself able to write easily once more.”

–Isaac Asimov, quoted in “Isaac Asimov wrote almost 500 books in his lifetime — these are the six ways he did it

Robert J. Sawyer and friend

“Don’t tinker endlessly with your story.”

–Robert J. Sawyer in his discussion of rule #3 of Robert Heinlein’s rules for writers

Kurt Vonnegut

“Give your readers as much information as possible as soon as possible. To hell with suspense. Readers should have such complete understanding of what is going on, where and why, that they could finish the story themselves, should cockroaches eat the last few pages.”

— Kurt Vonnegut, “8 Rules for Writing

“Write something, even if it’s just a suicide note.”

–Gore Vidal, “Writing advice from Gore Vidal