Free Radicals front coverby Zeke Teflon, author of Free Radicals: A Novel of Utopia and Dystopia.

First the sci-fi: Subterranean Press has put up Ted Chang’s wonderful novella about the emergence and evolution of artificial intelligence, The Lifecycle of Software Objects.  Free and highly recommended. (And if you’re wondering why they’d do this giveaway, consider the free publicity they’re getting on this and other blogs, and also consider that  many of those reading the free novella [including yours truly] will go on to purchase at least one of Chang’s novels.)

* * *

One of the most obnoxious features of many sites is their use of slideshows. Why would anyone do something so calculated to piss off readers? Pay per click. If you have a list with 20 entries, put it up properly (scroll down), and you’ll get paid for a single click. Put it up as a slideshow, you’ll get paid for 20 clicks.

Sleazy, yes. But there is a way around it: deslide turns slide shows into decent, normal web pages. It seems to work on most pages, so check it out. (A special kudos here to sites that could routinely use slideshows but don’t; the most outstanding example that comes immediately to mind is, the sci-fi site.  In contrast,, the site of the SF Chronicle, almost exclusively uses slideshows for transparent, commercial reasons.)  Deslide will help you get by such sucky, time-wasting click-shows. It seems to work about 75% of the time. Try it. You’ll like it.

* * *

And “Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church” is absolutely hilarious. There is nowhere to go after this.  You can’t possibly be more brutal. (The Catholic League–which seems to consist in toto of a web site run by  corn-cob-up-the-ass  right-winger William Donohue–has apparently taken down a denunciation of CK’s brilliant video–please guys, put it back up.)

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