More PC b.s. about “islamophobia”

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Atheism, Christianity, Islam, Politics, Religion
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There’s a truly loathsome, dishonest piece  by Sonali Kolhaktar on  Alternet accusing Bill Maher and Sam Harris of “islamophobia”; Kolhaktar then seamlessly conflates “islamophobia” with racism–a charge which she hurls at Maher. This is a truly vile accusation, and the author makes it citing no evidence whatsoever. This baseless accusation says a hell of a lot more about her than Maher.

The main thrust of the piece, other than slinging mud at leftists who recognize the menace of islam, is that muslims are decent people, just like everybody else. In one sense, Kolhaktar is right. Like christians, muslims are decent people–to the extent that they ignore the teachings in their “holy” book, which contains admonitions to murder heretics and nonbelievers and to enslave nonbelievers. (I’ll put up another post today or tomorrow citing specific passages from both the bible and the koran.)

Much as multiculturalists and religious apologists would pretend otherwise, religion IS the problem. Maher was absolutely right when he said that islam is “the mother lode of bad ideas.”

Believers are decent people only to the extent that they ignore the vicious, authoritarian passages in their “holy” books–only to the extent that they ignore the admonitions to murder, enslave, and impose their beliefs on others.


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